Bylaws Training, Saturday, 3 December, 10am

Kevin L. Joy, State Adjutant, VFWSC - 9/11/2022


The Department Bylaws Chairman (PSC) Rod Burne will be providing bylaws training on Saturday, 3 December, 10 am at the Department Hqs, 210 Glassmaster Rd in Lexington. This training is for Post and District Commanders, Adjutants, and Judge Advocates, but all are encouraged to attend. The training will also be available on Zoom.

This is the 2nd class of an 8-part training series focusing on bylaws. Please disseminate to all comrades.

Please RSVP by email to 
Contact the Dept Admin for Zoom link information.

Kevin L. Joy
State Adjutant, VFWSC